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A Green Lawn is worth a 1000 words. We supply high quality turf grass seed that is trialed all over the U.S.. Grown and blended in Willamtte Valley in Oregon. Seed is sold in 50# bags & discounts are give on pallets


Elite Seed a high quality mix of Kentucky Blue Grass, Perennial Rye, and Fine Fescue. A great mix for the “Tradition” lawn look and feel. Preforms well in Central Illinois.

Turf Type Tall Fescue

Turf Type Tall Fescue is an excellent choice for today’s lawns. Drought tolerant and low maintenance makes TTF an excellent choice for non-irrigated, commercial & residential lawns, and sun or shady areas. Modern technology and breeding have improved tall fescue to narrow the leaf size making it more desirable for foot traffic.

Stoneleaf’s TTF Blend even has some Lateral Spreading Characteristics!!!

Fine Fescue

Is excellent choice for slopes and shady areas where minimal or “No Mow” is desired. 

Perennial Rye Grass

A straight Perennial Rye Grass Blend is excellent choice when fast germination is needed or over seeding a lawn for quick improvement or repair to construction traffic.

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